Yogattractive Benefits

Is there such a thing as a 100% natural face-lift? Now there is. We have a science based answer to the main facial ageing factors such as:

  • Loss of collagen in the skin (fine lines)
  • Decreased muscle tone (deeper grooves, jowls)
  • Slowed-down lymphatic system (puffiness)
  • Muscular hypertonus (tension) and uncontrolled facial expressions

What you can expect:

“Quiet” forehead, preventing the formation of new wrinkles, smoothing out existing furrows

Elevated upper eyelids, open eye effect, reduction of puffiness under the eyes, “crow’s feet” and prevention of myopia.

Firm cheeks lift the whole face visually thanks to their connection with the muscles around the mouth and the muscles of the jaw.

Naturally fuller lips and reduction of nasolabial furrows

Chin contour modelling

Smooth neck, better skin condition, release of muscle tensions


It is true that natural anti-ageing requires regularity, just as all physical exercise does, yet it gives you clearly visible effects as of the third week of practice!