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I have more and more messages from you that your most important “He” is “stealing” your galvanic roller and even drinking your collagen. And he’s right, don’t feel sorry for him!
Maybe you can give him an unusual gift? The set includes a roller with a massage map and exercises “for him” plus our drinkable collagen – Elixir. You will be able to observe who will see the effects faster

“Elixir for a Beautiful Skin” contains the highest single assimilated dose of ready-made collagen, a massive 5000 mg, at the same time providing a set of ingredients needed by your body to assemble collagen on its own: anti-inflammatory bio-sulphur MSM, zinc and a set of collagen-forming vitamins.
The inclusion of collagen precursors is a unique feature of Eliksir compared to other products available on the market.
Collagen is essential for women and men who take care of their skin “from the inside”. 500 ml is equivalent of 20 days of treatment.
Use the supplement for three months, then ideally continue, or make a break of up to a month. Our body needs collagen continuously. The effect of smooth and moisturised skin appears after about a month, and after three months, necessary for the body to replenish deficiencies, the effect becomes very evident.
Dosage: measure 25 ml daily, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, or with a delicious smoothie according to the recipe below.
Our “Elixir for a Beautiful Skin” contains 5000 mg of collagen in a daily dose of 25 ml, the highest dose your body is able to assimilate.
One of the best-tested proteins. Fish collagen is the only one that effectively stimulates the body to produce collagen fibers of all types, for beautiful skin, hair and nails and for healthy joints.
Sulphur MSM
Slows down collagen degradation, supports tissue regeneration, extinguishes inflammation in the body and strengthens the skin, hair and nails.
Vitamin C
It is essential for the proper synthesis of collagen, healthy skin and connective tissues, as well as to fight free radicals.
Vitamin E
Is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells. It is rightly called the “youth vitamin” and “fertility vitamin”. It delays the aging process.
Vitamin B6
Has properties supporting the process of protein and nucleic acid synthesis, which are necessary for proper growth and development of tissues of the entire body.
Biotin and Zinc
They are essential for skin and hair health, they give them resistance and shine.
Recipe for a collagen smoothie

Mix your favourite seasonal or frozen fruits with spinach leaves, green parsley or kale, add vegetable milk, a little xylitol or honey and 25 ml of elixir. You started your day well:)

Acupressure Roller for the face and neck  was developed as a medical tool to fight chronic pain and at the same time bring excellent cosmetic results. The needles exert a strong pressure, point by point, on the skin without hurting it.
Rolling is an effective method of fibroblasts’ stimulation to boost their production of collagen. Such a massage also allows for a deeper introduction of active substances into the skin.
Interestingly, the needle ends are covered with rare metals whose ions have a beneficial effect on the skin.
Copper, zinc, iron, nickel and silver for beauty:
This is an extremely valuable aspect of the roller: during its contact with the skin, the surface of the applicator needles undergo physical and chemical changes under the infuence of a galvanic current. Oxygen membranes are formed on the needles and the effect of galvanization is created. This in turn improves the metabolism of the skin, strengthens its repair processes and helps to create biologically active substances in the tissues.
Rollers are also recommended for people with both acne scars and post-operative scars.
Acupressure Roller is also perfect for scalp massage to strengthen hair follicles.