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“Elixir for a Beautiful Skin” contains the highest single assimilated dose of ready-made collagen, a massive 5000 mg, at the same time providing a set of ingredients needed by your body to assemble collagen on its own: anti-inflammatory bio-sulphur MSM, zinc and a set of collagen-forming vitamins.


… offers maximum skin elasticity and tissue hydration, renewal for the hair, and is even gentler on the stomach. In addition, we have taken care to really, seriously support your joints. But one step at a time.

How do you improve perfection?
Collagen is my “baby”. I dreamed it up as a product for the conscious and demanding consumer. There are a lot of supplements on the market, but I want its results to bring you to your knees…. no, no, on the contrary: to lift you off your knees so that you can enjoy the new beauty of your complexion, hair, experience repair of the intestinal lining and pain-free joints.

What changes you will notice:
Taste and colour: the taste will be better and even healthier because we have replaced sorbitol with xylitol after research has been published on its role in building strong bones and teeth, by increasing calcium absorption.
Elixir owes its new colour to 100% natural lycopene, a carotenoid from tomatoes with powerful antioxidant and skin tone-enhancing properties. Lycopene is also credited with anti-cancer effects.
We have removed sodium benzoate altogether, and increased the amount of vitamin C in its best-absorbed and stomach-friendly form: ascorbic acid.

What stays the same:
The highest absorbable daily dose of collagen 5000 mg, which means you wait just two to three weeks for the first results. It will still be pure, controlled, free of pesticides, drugs, heavy metals and, of course, marine, because only this type is bio available.
It will still have particles so tiny that your body assimilates it in its entirety (3000 Da!)
It will remain liquid, otherwise it would have to contain fillers.
The action of collagen will still be enhanced by the presence of collagen precursors, including the extremely valuable sulphur msm.
We pamper your hair with such a dose of biotin that you no longer need to supplement it. Similarly with hyaluronic acid – we add it generously, because it has been proven that when administered orally it builds into the skin and works much longer than the one from mesotherapy! Hyaluronate is so ‘acidic’ in name only: it has a soothing effect on the digestive tract too.

Even if you don’t like change, this one is truly for the best:)

Dosage: measure 25 ml daily, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, or with a delicious smoothie according to the recipe below.

Our “Elixir for a Beautiful Skin” contains 5000 mg of collagen in a daily dose of 25 ml, the highest dose your body is able to assimilate.

One of the best-tested proteins. Fish collagen is the only one that effectively stimulates the body to produce collagen fibers of all types, for beautiful skin, hair and nails and for healthy joints.

Sulphur MSM
Slows down collagen degradation, supports tissue regeneration, extinguishes inflammation in the body and strengthens the skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin C
It is essential for the proper synthesis of collagen, healthy skin and connective tissues, as well as to fight free radicals.

Vitamin E
Is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells. It is rightly called the “youth vitamin” and “fertility vitamin”. It delays the aging process.

Vitamin B6
Has properties supporting the process of protein and nucleic acid synthesis, which are necessary for proper growth and development of tissues of the entire body.

Biotin and Zinc
They are essential for skin and hair health, they give them resistance and shine.

Recipe for a collagen smoothie
Mix your favourite seasonal or frozen fruits with spinach leaves, green parsley or kale, add vegetable milk, a little xylitol or honey and 25 ml of elixir. You started your day well:)

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