YOGATTRACTIVE BOOK IN ENGLISH – Beauty Rituals – Face yoga according to the Yogattractive method (Copy)


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Beauty Rituals – Yogattractive book in English

Do you have an English-speaking friend or family and are looking for a gift? We have your favourite “Beauty Rituals” in perfect translation!

What can you expect?
In this book you will find lots of specific tips on how to take care of your beauty in a natural yet effective way. I offer you a new, comprehensive and effective approach to care through deep massages and intensive facial muscle exercises. Gradually, you will see in the mirror a more relaxed face with redefined contours, a smoother forehead and eye area, fuller lips and a firmer neck.
But that’s not all: I’ll take you on a journey to five continents, where together we’ll look at the tricks that women in different parts of the globe use; what allows them to look beautiful without hiding their age. This is a book for daughters and mothers, as well as grandmothers. Because beauty has no age, neither does health, and muscles do not stop at the collarbones!