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Our medical spiky balls are a hypoallergenic massage tool, brought to you in an elegant velour pouch with a map of two types of self-massage. They have beautifying and therapeutic properties.
Spiky balls massage for beauty and health:
  • It stimulates the deep tissues of the skin in its fibroblast-rich layer. The fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, which results in a visible increase in skin elasticity and thickness. Wrinkles become shallower.
  • It relieves fascia and muscle tension, giving your face a relaxed look and preventing stress-related wrinkles
  • It strengthens the microcirculation of blood in tissues, causing an excellent supply of nutrients and a nice skin tone
  • It improves lymphatic circulation by reducing swelling and detoxifying the skin
  • It allows you to stimulate all acupressure points of the face and neck and internal organ receptors for a holistic effect on the entire body
  • It supports the absorption of nutrients from the serum and creams used after the massage.


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