Mesotherapy Dermo Pen Q1 with Botoks-like


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Mesotherapy Dermo Pen Q1 with Botoks-like

Set: Dermo Pen Q1 device, 2 cartridges with 12 needles, peptide preparation Botoks-like
The best device for needle mesotherapy at home. Simply put.
It has professional-grade parameters that represent a gold standard in skin rejuvenation technology.
The award-winning, precise Dermo Pen Q1 rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and scalp.
The treatment is surprisingly comfortable, thanks to the highest puncture speed at a regulated depth of 0.2 to 3 mm. Please note, however, that we are talking about thin needles – when you buy the device you must be aware of this fact. You can apply anaesthetic cream if necessary. However, many users do not even report such a need.
Why is it worth trying?
Thanks to an innovative electric micro-puncturing system used in DERMO PEN Q1 we can perform treatments giving spectacular results while not excluding ourselves from everyday life. Low invasiveness which ensures complete safety constitutes a considerable advantage of the treatment.
Three key mechanisms of skin cell stimulating action:
First mechanism: stimulation of collagen and elastin production, as well as stimulation of intercellular matrix production.
The second mechanism: stimulation of fibroblasts and, consequently, skin reconstruction during which collagen type III, IV and I, as well as elastin, are produced. At this stage, there also occurs a boost of angiogenesis processes.
The third mechanism of action of DERMO PEN Q1 consists in skin remodelling: improvement of its density and elasticity. The skin becomes significantly thicker due to the presence of new collagen. All this owing to the natural ability of the human body to repair the skin and to the physiological induction of collagen.
Who we recommend it to?
  • people who want to enjoy firm and tight skin for as long as possible
  • those of us who are struggling with:
    • wrinkles
    • discolourations
    • acne scars
    • enlarged pores
    • stretch marks
    • cellulite
    • thinning, weakened hair
Procedure in the privacy of your home
Microneedle mesotherapy treatment with DERMO PEN Q1 does not require special preparation. It is a safe, quick and mostly painless procedure.
The treatment should be performed in the evening. In the morning the skin might be slightly irritated, yet it will hardly be visible to others.
At the beginning it is necessary to carefully cleanse and disinfect the skin, then apply:
  • Adifill peptide if you want to deeply moisturise the skin and stimulate the process of filling-in of subcutaneous fat cells for improved facial volume
  • Botoks-like peptide, if you wish to deeply hydrate the skin and to relax small wrinkles
  • a mixture of the two above
If you wish to perform the procedure on the scalp, you may apply a trichological product beforehand.
Then perform micro-punctures.
The next day the applied products will still be absorbed extremely deeply into the skin. Use UV protection.
Repeat another treatment in 2-3 weeks. Change cartridges often.
PS. If you want to support the long-term process of collagen production by fibroblasts, give them “food”, the building block for this! You can find it in our drinkable super-supplement “Elixir for beautiful skin”.
The DERMO PEN Q1 wireless device is distinguished by its advanced and modern technology. Extremely powerful motor allows for work at optimal speed up to 18000 punctures per minute. Possibility to work on five levels of puncturing speed. Infinitely variable adjustment of needle length from 0.25 mm to 3.0 mm was applied. This makes the procedure more effective and safe.
The basis of the device are replaceable cartridges equipped with needles made of molybdenum – the most advanced material used in the production of surgical instruments. The needles can be used by people who are allergic to metals, as they do not contain chromium or nickel. Thanks to molybdenum, needles in DERMO PEN Q1 device are extremely thin and durable, which significantly improves comfort during treatment.
The device has a safety certificate and meets all European quality standards.
The set includes:
– Dermo Pen Q1 professional device
– 2 cartridges with 12 needles
– Botoks-like peptides
– cardboard box
– box with a lid for storage
– power supply
– power cord
– velour case
– Polish language user manual

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