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We present to you an effective, natural, safe plant complex that replaces botox, because Yogattractive is a method that respects the integrity of your body.

Yogattractive Hexapeptide Botoks-Like combined with magnesium is an active liposomal complex that reduces expression wrinkles around the eyes, lips and on the forehead.

It is a good choice if you want to reduce expression lines in a non-invasive way or prevent the appearance of new ones.

If you’re thinking of using the botulin toxin, but are concerned about its side-effects, try Yogattractive Hexapeptide Botoks-Like. It is a modern, non-toxic botulin-like peptide that has a potency similar to botox, but is safe and gentle on the skin.

Hexapeptide Botoks-Like inhibits secretion of neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contraction, thanks to which it relaxes the facial muscles, preventing formation of new expression lines and smoothing the existing ones, but without the effect of a motionless mask.

Magnesium contained in the complex intensifies the relaxing effect of Hexapeptide, effectively relaxing the facial muscles, thus contributing to a faster reduction of expression lines under the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth. Magnesium also has a moisturizing effect, which additionally helps smooth out fine wrinkles.

Liposomal structures protect active substances against oxidation and increase their penetration into the skin.

To enhance penetration into deeper skin layers use our galvanic roller prior to application.

How does the liposomal Hexapeptide Botox-Like complex work?

* It reduces the visibility of existing expression wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles – when used twice a day for 30 days it smoothes wrinkles by 30%;

* It inhibits formation of new expression lines;

* It stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen;

* It moisturises the skin and inhibits water loss through the epidermis;

* It has antibacterial properties and soothes inflammation – thanks to magnesium;

* Owing to liposomal structures, Hexapeptide penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin

Who is it recommended for? Use if you notice:

* expression wrinkles under the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth;

* excessive facial expressions that promote the formation of wrinkles at a young age;

* dehydration of mature skin;

* as an anti-aging prophylaxis

How to use?
The Yogattractive Hexapeptide Botoks-Like complex is a raw material used primarily in face cosmetics. It can be used in the following manner:
* In the palm of your hand, mix 3 drops of Hexapeptide with Yogattractive 5% hyaluronic acid and apply the mix to cleansed skin, carefully patting and massaging. Once absorbed, apply three drops of your favourite Yogattractive oil;
* As an addition to a ready-made face cream – add 2 drops of the complex to a portion of the cream, mix gently and apply to cleansed skin, patting and massaging;
* To promote deep absorption include the following step in your daily routine: use our galvanic roller (which does not pierce the skin) prior to the application of peptides.

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