Full Yogattractive experience in the comfort of your own home! Classes last 75 minutes and include a collagen-hemorrhagic massage with elements of reflexotherapy, exercises of all parts of the face and neck and lymphatic-lifting massage. We correct mistakes and care about the precision of exercises.

The number of participants in a single session is limited to 7 people, so please send a text message to 507 518 616 notifying me of your intention to participate in classes no later than 2 hours before classes. Subsequent applications may not be considered.
You log in to Zoom Yogattractive 5 minutes before the session and get going!
How do I join a session? If you have Zoom (free) installed on your computer/phone, clicking on the link will automatically connect you. Installing Zoom is literally a minute. If you do not have Zoom, copy the link to Google Chrome (not Safari).
Do a thorough makeup removal (you can leave mascara on your eyelashes)
Move the hair away from the face with the headband(s).
remove protruding rings so as not to scratch the skin during the massage
put on a blouse with a big neckline that gives access to the collarbones.
have a tea spoon and a pencil at hand (as props for exercise)
Prepare your favourite massage oil (avoid mineral oil/paraffin)
Sit in a comfortable chair that allows you to keep your back straight
Do a few deep breaths and smile: in a moment you will do something good for yourself and relax deeply!

For non-Polish speakers, please contact Olga directly


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