5% HYALURONIC ACID with a roadmap to a perfect cream – 30ml


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Hyaluronic acid can do what no other substance can: one particle of HA can bind 250 particles of water!
Hence its fame as an anti-aging remedy, making it the supreme natural moisturiser.
Sometimes, in our chase after cosmetic novelty, we forget what has been known to work so well for our skin for years.
Health and beauty
Hyaluronic acid is a hero of both medicine and cosmetic industry. It is used to treat multiple diseases as it is present in all living organisms. It is a tissue builder responsible for water content maintenance. You have it in your skin, eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid, together with collagen, gives youthful skin its lovely plumpness.
What HA should I choose?
Not all hyaluronic acid is made equal. Far from it. The best quality is obtained through plant fermentation. This is when it’s absorption is highest. Concentration is extremely important too. Despite a low price, you probably don’t want to buy a watery 1,5-3%. I went for the highest concentration of 5% in my Yogattractive hyaluronic acid. (Why not more? The gel would simply be too thick to use).
Ultra-tiny and precious
Our 5% HA contains the most valuable and the most active forms of the acid:
  • ultra-low molecular weight particles of 3000-5000 DA (ULMW) – so small they penetrate the deep skin layers where they bind water and swell, filling the wrinkles from underneath. They keep your skin deeply hydrated even after you have washed your face;
  • low molecular weight particles (LMW)- get absorbed into the stratum cornermen of your skin, keeping it moisturised from within;
  • high molecular weight (HMW) – work to create a protective layer on top of your skin to stop it from drying out.
Some are destructive for the good bacteria living on your skin, others are natural and perfectly neutral. You can be sure not to find the first ones in our HA, certainly not the commonly used Phenoxyethanolu. We proudly use dehydroacetic acid which is gentle, safe during pregnancy and completely free of side-effects.
Recipe for a super cream
You will find it on the roadmap which accompanies our Yogattractive 5% Hyaluronic Acid.
Hyaluronic Acid is very versatile. Added to creams and conditioners it turns them into hydrating serums. Mixed with a few drops of oils it forms an active cream free from any chemical burden. Enjoy!

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