Beauty Guidelines

Face and neck care according to Yogattractive

The Yogattractive line is designed as a logical whole, so we will suggest briefly to you the what, when, and why:

Step 1: Start your morning with the Elixir for a Beautiful Skin. If your complexion is fragile, dry, or compromised in any way, it means that it lacks building materials from the inside. Even the most expensive cosmetics cannot deliver them all efficiently. This drinkable supplement  is a nourishing bomb for skin and hair. The nourished skin will react to the massage with enhanced regeneration.

Step 2: Massage stimulates our facial tissues in a variety of ways. Even 5 minutes of massage triggers skin regeneration for many hours afterwards! Each massage has its own specific function, so it is best to alternate them.

* For hand or gua-sha massage we use a face-care oil dedicated to your skin type. We propose four oils to choose from;

* For massage with medical spiky balls (reducing unsightly tensions and swellings, promoting skin density), you can moisturize the skin with our serum-mist and repeat the application after the massage;

* For the galvanic roller massage (renewal of the skin surface, production of collagen, even skin tone, elimination of scars and wrinkle reduction), proceed as above;

Step 3: Massage will significantly increase absorption of the substances applied later, so after your massage it is time to treat yourself!

* In the hollow of your hand, mix 2 drops of nature’s most powerful moisturiser, i.e. hyaluronic acid (we have the maximum concentration for you with the instructions for making the cream included) with two drops of your chosen oil. You have an active cream without unnecessary chemical ballast.

* If you need to smooth out expression wrinkles, e.g. around the eyes or a lion’s wrinkle, or to give your skin an extra moisture boost, use Hexapeptide Botoks-Like after toning your face. We offer you the most powerful and efficient preparation on the market. Use it regularly twice a day for a minimum of 4 weeks. A massage with a roller before application and a brief one with your hands or gua-sha afterwards will significantly increase absorption of the peptide. Then, mix 2 drops of hyaluronic acid with face-care oil and apply to your face.

* If you want to counter fat loss in the entire face or locally, in the “valleys of tears”, nasolabial folds or to enhance the hyaluronic acid of your breasts, use Yogattractive Adifill Complex. Here too, a brief massage with the roller massage before application and a brief one with your hands or gua-sha afterwards will significantly increase its absorption. Then, mix 2 drops of hyaluronic acid  with face-care oil and apply to your face.

Step 4: Face and neck exercises. It only requires about 7 minutes, but you need to be precise and follow the instructor’s advice appropriate to your facial expressions. The videos are there to inspire you, but respect your face and do not experiment: once you have learned your face firming techniques well, they are yours forever!


Step 5: For the evening we suggest you try our frown patches, because if you frown vertically during the day, you also do so at night. Seal the lion’s wrinkle after care and wake up with a calm forehead.

We invite you to read Olga Szemley’s book,  “Beauty Rituals” (soon in English as well). Facial yoga according to the Yogattractive method” and to try one of the many beauty options it contains the following day!

If you are taking medication in the morning or need a coffee right away, drink the Elixir in the evening, 2 hours after dinner.

Massage and exercise can also be practiced in the evening if more convenient.