“My mission: help women care for their faces and necks a natural way” – Olga Szemley

The Yogattractive Method

Since 2016, the Yogattractive – natural anti-ageing face yoga Method has gathered a great following in Poland and abroad. The natural anti-ageing face yoga , face massage combined with the art of self-massage advocates respect for our own, unique facial features and proposes holistic approach to beauty care. It teaches you techniques which give a visible boost to your appearance while caring for your health and the mind too!

The Method was created in the course of 12 years of research into female beauty rituals on five continents, carried out by its founder, Olga Szemley.

Today we are proud to present to you the „gems” of natural facial care.


Firms and tones over 80 muscles of the face and neck thanks to dedicated exercises, helping them form an anti-gravity scaffolding for the skin. It results in a lift to all the key facial areas, lymphatic drainage of puffy zones and a release of jaw, forehead and eye tension.
Because muscles do not end at the neck!
Boosts circulation in both deep and superficial layers of the skin owing to deep-tissue self-massage while activating collagen production in the dermis.
Speeds up detoxification processes with the aid of Japanese lymphatic self-massage with elements of acupressure and reflexology. This super-massage lifts the cheeks, gives contour to the jawline and drains excess liquid from the tissues.
Finally, it gives you tools for efficient, mindful, and informed facial care at home.