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Yogattractive - natural anti-ageing face yoga


Yogattractive™ stands for holistic, comprehensive facial self-care


The so-called face fitness may be a good way to begin, yet us yogis place equal importance on our mind, soul, emotions and our quest for inner balance. Thus "face yoga" ought not to mean just a workout, even if too often this is the case. 



I am myself, I am me and I like it!


Self-acceptance, including acceptance of our own faces poses a great deal of challenge to many of us. Let us remember that the desire to feel beautiful, at any age, is a sign of good mental health and not just vanity. Let us link health, self-esteem, inner joy and good looks into one and be the best possible versions of ourselves!


Looking younger - what does it mean?


The face is complex like a smartphone, which means that we need to act on several fronts: At a physiological level we ensure tone for over 80 muscles of face and neck and release the tensions which  not only cause wrinkling, but also make our features look "hard". We also need to stimulate the fibroblasts in our dermis to persuade them to keep on producing collagen. Add a boost to blood circulation for a rosy skin tone and to the lymphatic one to prevent swelling and eye-bags. Posture and breathing are indispensable beauty ingredients too. 

You need touch, you need tenderness



Did you know that you need touch as much as a two-year old? Tender, friendly touch heals. Asians know it and practice self-massage or give massage to each at any free moment. And this is also our mission at Yogattractive™: we show you how to make yourself beautiful and heal thanks to the good touch, i.e. various self-massage techniques. 



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